All twenty novels have been repackaged with smart new cover artwork, and are – or soon will be – available in both physical and digital form. See individual titles below. As a lover of physical books I recommend you try your local bookshop or library, but if you draw a blank they are available from Amazon through the links below.

BORDER CROSSING is the tale of my wild drive halfway round the world in a classic car rally, and my only non-fiction title to date.

Illusionists-FCTThe Illusionists

London in 1885 is a threatening place for a young woman of limited means. Eliza’s choices lie between marriage and stifling domesticity, or a downwards spiral to the streets. But Eliza is modern before her time and she won’t compromise.

At a run-down theatre she meets Devil Wix – a charismatic showman who is set on running his own company. His right-hand man is Carlo Boldoni, an irascible dwarf whose dazzling talent eclipses everything Devil tries to do. Forever linked to Devil by a boyhood tragedy is Jasper Button, a gifted artist, and the fourth member of this strange crew is Heinrich, an enigmatic engineer. As the seductive and dangerous world of the Palmyra Theatre snares them all, it falls to Eliza to try to keep the peace between the men who love her.

Too late, she realises that her fortune and her future depend on Devil and his companions. Offstage as well as on, Eliza must learn that magic takes many forms.

What is real, and what is just an illusion?

Publication Date 27 February 2014 

Click here for The Illusionists video

KashmirThe Kashmir Shawl – Winner of the epic category, Romantic Novel of the Year.

A sweeping story of wartime, family secrets, friendship and forbidden love set against the stunning backdrop of 1940s Kashmir.

Newlywed Nerys Watkins leaves rural Wales for the first time to accompany her husband on a missionary posting to India. Deep in the exquisite heart of the Vale of Kashmir lies the lakeside city of Srinagar, where the British live on carved wooden houseboats and dance, flirt and gossip as if there is no war. But as the fighting draws closer the men leave the city, and life becomes less frivolous for the women left behind. Nerys is caught up in a dangerous friendship, and by the time she is reunited with her husband, the innocent Welsh bride has become a different woman. Years later, when Mair Ellis clears out her father’s house, she finds an exquisite antique shawl, a lock of child’s hair wrapped within its folds. Tracing her grandparents’ roots back to Kashmir, Mair follows the intricate threads of the shawl’s history and in doing so unravels the secrets of a generation.

‘A superbly researched and vivid evocation of wartime Kashmir and Ladakh’ Daily Mail

A spellbinding tale. Beautifully written, honest and compassionate…a delight from start to finish’ 
Daily Express

‘An epic tale…A complicated entanglement of family secrets, love during wartime and dangerous liaisons. For fans of Maggie O’Farrell’

‘A superbly written novel, marvellously descriptive and especially evocative of the war years . . . a gorgeous treat’  Choice

‘Thomas’ portrayal of a young wife struggling to cope with life in wartime Kashmir, her husband’s indifference to her and her attraction to a charismatic mountaineer is beautifully written, touching and believable’ The Daily Express

Click here to buy in the UK

Click here to buy in the USA

Click here for The Kashmir Shawl video

Lovers & NewcomersLovers & Newcomers

Miranda Meadowe decides a lonely widowhood in her crumbling country house is not for her. Reviving a university dream, she invites five of her oldest friends to come and join her to live, and to stave off the prospect of old age. All have their own reasons for accepting. To begin with, the omens are good. They laugh, dance, drink and behave badly, as they cling to the heritage they thought was theirs for ever: power, health, stability. They are the baby boomers; the world is theirs to change. But as old attractions resurface alongside new tensions, they discover that the clock can’t be put back. When building work reveals an Iron Age burial site of a tribal queen, the outside world descends on their idyllic retreat, and the isolation of the group is breached. The past is revealed – and the future that beckons is very different from the one they imagined.

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Constance Thorne was a foundling, a child left by her mother for strangers to find. Forty years on, without ever being able to discover her true identity, she has put all her energy into creating a flawless shell for herself.

As a child, she was musical, her sister Jeanette was deaf. One of them was dark, the other sunny. Yet they both fell in love with the same man.

When she hears the news that her sister is dying, the last thing Connie wants is to leave her Bali home and return to London. But with the bitterness of betrayal still between them, Connie and Jeanette have to learn to forgive each other.

Surrounded by family, can Constance make her peace with who she really is – and who she loves?   Click here to buy


Iris & RubyIris & Ruby – Winner of the Romantic Novel of the Year

Silent and claustrophobic, Iris Black’s Cairo house is disturbed by the unannounced arrival of her troubled granddaughter, Ruby. Ruby has run away from home to throw herself on her grandmother’s unwilling protection, but slowly a bond is formed as the two open up to each other.

Ruby helps Iris to recover her memories of glittering World War Two Cairo, and her love for Captain Xan Molyneux. Iris’s early devastation has shaped the lives of her daughter and granddaughter as well as her own – and it leads the two women into terrible jeopardy in the sands of the Egyptian desert.   Click here to buy


Sun at MidnightSun  at Midnight

Alice Peel is a scientist, believing in observation, measurement, and rational deduction. Yet she has left her home in Oxford and her unfaithful husband and embarked for the farthest end of the earth. Antarctica.

James Rooker is on the run, as he has been since he was a boy. He has taken a job as far away as he can get – on a small Antarctic research station.

Alice discover a blue and silver world lit by constant sunlight. She is unprepared for the beauty of it, and for the claustrophobia of the tiny station shared with eight men and one other woman. The isolation begins to warp their reason, and the air crackles with tension and then with danger.

In Antarctica Alice and Rooker discover that their lives will never be the same.

If they survive.   Click here to buy


If My Father-FCTIf My Father Loved Me

Sadie’s father is dying: the man who has spent his life creating exquisite perfumes for other women is slipping away from her. When she realises that she can never make her peace with him, Sadie begins to look back over her childhood.

As she faces the truth about her father, her relationship with her son Jack appears to be breaking down and she is intent on saving it. Then the arrival of one of the ‘aunties’ who populated her father’s past sets off a train of events that even Sadie cannot control.   Click here to buy


Adobe Photoshop PDFThe Potter’s House

An earthquake ravages the coast of a Greek island. In the aftermath a stranger appears, an Englishwoman, destitute apart from the clothes she wears.

Olivia is another English woman, married to a local man, the mother of two boys. She welcomes the stranger into her home. But as Kitty slowly becomes part of her family and the life of the village, time and history seem to lose their definition and fear grows in Olivia.

What is real? What is the threat?

Who is Kitty, and where has she come from?   Click here to buy


Adobe Photoshop PDFWhite

For Sam McGrath, an encounter with a woman on a turbulent flight is enough to give his life the meaning it lacks. Crazily, he follows her out to Nepal.

Finch Buchanan is flying out as doctor to an Everest expedition. In the Himalayas she will be reunited with a man she has never forgotten.

Al Hood has made a promise to his daughter. Once he has stood on this last summit, he will give up the mountains for ever.

Everest towers over the group, beautiful and destructive. At her feet the two men and a woman with her own dreams play out their conflicts to the inevitable finale.   Click here to buy


Adobe Photoshop PDFMoon Island

Five old clapboard houses look out over an untamed coast towards a deserted island. Lonely, resentful May Duhane is on holiday in one of the houses with her father and sister. Leonie Beam in the neighbouring house is isolated too, in her unhappy marriage. She confides in Elizabeth, the ageing widow who is the keeper of the beach’s secrets.

Meanwhile May discovers the hidden diary of a dead girl. Reading it, she slips out of her own world and immerses herself in another. And then she begins to feel that she must follow in the dead girl’s footsteps…

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Every Woman-FCTEvery Woman Knows A Secret

How do you survive the worst tragedy that could ever happen?

What happens when you fall in love with the one person you should hate most in all the world?

Shocked and almost deranged by bereavement, Jess is powerless to resist her attraction to Rob, twenty years her junior. As their love affair threatens to blow her family apart, Jess struggles to defuse the crisis that threatens all she holds dear.   Click here to buy


A simple LifeA Simple Life

Hidden beneath the surface of the family life she shares with her successful husband Matthew and their two sons, lies a shameful secret that has haunted Dinah for fifteen years. But when a chance encounter brings the past into sharp focus once more, Dinah realises that she can no longer deny the impossible choice Matthew once forced her to make. She decides to risk everything – her husband and sons and her perfect life, in order to claim what was once hers.   Click here to buy


Adobe Photoshop PDFOther People’s Marriages

The husbands and wives of five families enjoy a comfortable life of school runs, Sunday barbecues and shared holidays until Nina Cort returns to the cathedral city where they all live. Nina is rich, sophisticated, and newly widowed and she is an unfamiliar thread in the old pattern. Her arrival uncovers hidden flaws in the smooth fabric. In the course of a dramatic year the five families and Nina discover that you can never truly understand other people’s marriages. Perhaps not even your own…

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Adobe Photoshop PDFAll My Sins Remembered

Clio and her cousin Grace are friends and opposites. With Clio’s brother Julius and Jake they formed a charmed circle in the innocent days before the Great War.

In old age Clio remembers for her biographer their linked stories of war, bohemian Fitzrovia and Thirties Berlin but she keeps a different story for herself. There are lies and secrets, jealous loyalties and hopeless love – and Grace is the lovely, destructive siren at the heart of the circle.   Click here to buy


Adobe Photoshop PDFA Woman Of Our Times

Betrayed wife and small shopkeeper to successful business woman named in the gossip columns  – with guts and determination, Harriet Peacock has come a long way. But at the pinnacle of her success, Harriet discovers that in love as well as business the quickest way to a goal is often the riskiest.

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Adobe Photoshop PDF

Bad Girls, Good Women

On the brink of the Sixties, two runaway girls plunge into Soho life. Julia chooses finally chooses marriage and a Dorset manor house, Mattie strives for success as an actress. Each has to overcome adversities but – despite tragedy and betrayal – their friendship endures over three decades.

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Strangers RoughStrangers

Annie and Steve are strangers until one ordinary morning they become victims of a terrorist bombing. Injured and trapped in darkness under the rubble, they talk to ward off fear and death – telling each other secrets they have shared with no-one else. With such a bond between them, how can they return to the old world and their separate lives?

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Adobe Photoshop PDFThe White Dove

Amy Lovell is a beautiful, aristocratic young woman born into a life of privilege. But she is also a radical, increasingly drawn to a world less confined than her own. She trains as a nurse and her politics lead her to a meeting with Nick Penry, a proud Welsh miner. Their love defines the gulf between them and their shared beliefs draw them out to Spain, where the tragedy of the civil war means that love and pain become inseparable.

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Adobe Photoshop PDFSunrise – Winner of the Romantic Novel of the Year

A shocking discovery about the man she loves drives Angharad Owain to London, pregnant and penniless, where she struggles to make a life for herself and her child. But before she can allow herself real happiness she must confront the shadows of the past.

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Three very different young women come to study at Oxford, where they share a magical old house. The experience of one unforgettable year changes each of them, but seals a friendship that will last for ever.

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Bell Farrer is a rising young wine journalist who finds herself caught between the old world and the new – and the men who represent them. Old rivals Baron Charles de Gillesmont, reclusive owner of  Chateau Reynard and Valentine Gordon, of Dry Stone Wineries in California are in conflict again. Which one of them will win the day?

Click here to buy

31 thoughts on “Books

  1. Just found and read my first book authored by you..The White Dove. It seems to me you left the door open for a sequel Would that ever be possible

    • Hi Dianne – this is one of my very early books. So pleased you came across it, was it in the library? I’ve never done a sequel, so the answer is I don’t really think so. But on the other hand, the big novel I am currently finishing seems to call for one, so never say never!

  2. I just finshed “The Kashmir Shawl” and absolutely loved it I couldn’t put it down and devoured it in two days. As I am from Wales (Carmarthen in the South but now living in Oregon, USA) I loved the welsh connection. Am now going to get ALL your other books to read. Keep writing.

  3. Had the good fortune to find a copy of ”The Kashmir Shawl” ..It’s the one book I lend to
    friends and demand its return, so that I can lend it further for a wonderful read.I have since
    found at least 6 other of your books …of which “”Iris and Ruby”” is the most heart-warming….
    so far,

  4. Hello Rosie – I have read the White Dove in Dutch and its absolutely one of my favourite books. If I need a good cry – I just pick up this book and cry along with Amy

  5. Hello Rosie,
    I have read Iris & Ruby, Sun at Midnight and most recently White, and have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. I am so interested in your novels because you capture other countries so well through sounds, culture, food and atmosphere. I am currently half way through Border Crossing – what a journey! It sounds like a test of endurance for the competitors, not just the vehicles!
    I have recently bought another 7 of your books and will borrow the rest from the library. over the coming months. I think one of the reasons I find your stories so enthralling is because you include interesting characters of all ages. The romance is not the only aspect of your novels – the reader learns a lot about other people, other cultures and different experiences. Thank you.
    Kim (Brighton)

    • Dear Kim – THANK you. That’s a lot of books! I’m so pleased to hear that you like them, and the variety of settings and people. Travelling and thinking and picking up stories is absolutely the best bit of the job.
      Very best wishes – and happy reading.

  6. Hello Rosie
    My friend and I have both read the “Kashmir Shawl” (she lent it to me) – I have now passed it on. Absolutely wonderful! I love finding new authors and though this is my first of yours, it will certainly not be the last! I note you have another coming out in March – she had, she thought, heard that a sequel to the Kashmir Shawl was coming – is that so?
    Lynne (Warwickshire), Val (East Sussex)

    • Dear Lynne – forgive this slow reply to the second part of your message – I think I must have overlooked it when I originally read it.
      The new book is now coming on February 27 -it’s not a sequel, though. Something completely different! Am quite excited about it, and am hoping very much that readers will enjoy it too.

  7. Dear Rosie, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading each of your books on my Kindle – The Kashmir Shawl is my favourite. The rosiethomasauthor web page indicates that your earlier books will soon be ready in digital format. Can you give any indication when they will be available?

    • Hello Christa, thanks for asking about this. All my older titles have recently been reacquired by HarperCollins, my present publishers, and I think the plan is to digitise them as soon as possible. I hope that at least some of these books will be available as e-books to tie in with the publication of THE ILLUSIONISTS in February. I’ll write a post here as soon as I know for certain.

  8. Hi Rosie
    Thank you – we will look out for it then – will let you know how much we enjoy it!
    Lynne Nicholls

  9. I am a massive fan of yours having read almost all of your books. I have just read White again and enjoyed it just as much if not more than the first time nine years ago. I also bought White for my husbands consultant when he was a patient at our local hospice. Dr Ellie Smith, herself an avid climber took the book on one of her trips and found it invalid when she ended up on hospital in Khatmandu after suffering a viral infection. She found it truly inspiring and as almost all of the medics spoke little or no English your work of art was a treasured possession. Thank you Rosie I am in awe of your talent in all that you achieve.

    • Dear Nancy ( the heroine of the book I’m writing now is also Nancy – am I mad to think this makes a bond?!) I am so pleased you like the novels, and thank you for taking the trouble to drop me a line. It gave me a lot of pleasure to think of Dr Smith recovering in Kathmandu with a good read to keep her company. I hope she’s fully restored now.
      All best wishes, and enjoy your reading.

  10. Dear Rosie I read the Kashmir Shawl when I was in South Africa this Feb/March and absolutely loved it and am now trying to get some more of your books to read. I have made a list of all your books and there is plenty to choose from – fantastic.

  11. Hi,I am a great fan and have read border crossing a few years ago and would love to read it again, unfortunately I cannot find it anywhere.Can you help?

  12. Dear Rosie, I love your books and am constantly recommending them to friends. Can I buy them – online – in French? Thank you, Bridget
    P.S. I am interested in the ‘patchwork block’ icons, are you a quilter?

    • Dear Bridget, thank you for recommending my books. There’s no advertisement or marketing ploy to match a word from a friend! I don’t know the answer to your question about French availability, but I will find out and get back to you as soon as I can.

      • Dear Rosie, I had tried various search options without success, which is why I contacted you. Today I hit on the magic formula – for Amazon at least – it is to put “Thomas Rosie French” in the search box and hey presto, there you are! I have now ordered 6 of your books which I already have in English So now my French knowledge should come on in leaps and bounds!

  13. Oh good! That’s really handy to know – will make a note of it. Presumably it works for other languages too. Deeply impressed by your language commitment, btw… and thanks again for your kind words. Happy reading.

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