Almost there

Phew. The copy edit is finally signed off, and the book proofs are in production and will soon be sent out to the trade and reviewers. The speck at the bottom of the inverted pyramid (me) has completed her work, and the people in editorial and publicity and marketing and sales (upwards) are beginning theirs. The title is agreed. It’s THE ILLUSIONISTS (hooray!!!) The cover is morphing, as these things tend to do – here’s the latest version.

My bag is packed, my boarding pass is printed, and this time tomorrow I’ll be in the air, en route to Almaty in Kazakhstan.

More news from the roadILLUSIONISTS dark&blue

2 thoughts on “Almost there

  1. I have been thinking of you all day, Rosie, and wondering if you are all ready to depart! 🙂 Wonderful news about the book and you can now travel with a clear conscience! Have a wonderful time; take care of yourself – and don’t eat too many unidentified uncooked (or cooked) objects! 🙂 Keep us in touch as much as you can. Enjoy yourself.

    Rosemary K

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