It’s a thumbs up

The verdict is in on DAUGHTER OF THE HOUSE. Thank you to the regular readers of this, who reassured me during the waiting weeks.

All’s well. There’s a bit of editorial tweaking to be done, but nothing major. The editor’s notes will follow, after which there will be a bit of bargaining, and then I’ll go away and make the necessary amendments. Apparently these are mostly to do with the timescale, which is a long one for me – from 1910 to 1934. I have written the story in four discrete sections, but my excellent editor takes the view that these should be smoothed together so that the story runs more seamlessly. It’s a fair point, although I’m not yet sure how it’s to be done. But from experience I do know that it’s much easier to edit existing material than it is to write from scratch, so I don’t feel apprehensive. The book will be published (I think) next May, following on from the paperback edition of THE ILLUSIONISTS in April. Hurrah!


Here’s the latest version of the proposed cover. Any thoughts, anyone??

I’m at the coast again for the winter season, with a view over the grey North Sea, reading history and turning over ideas for the next novel. I love the progression from being totally absorbed in one book to the slow seduction by the next.

5 thoughts on “It’s a thumbs up

  1. What wonderful news – but not surprising to your legion of fans! 🙂 Are you all ready to party now? It’s a good time to finish a project, apart from the tweaking. You can now look forward to Christmas without any worries or guilty feelings. Start planning the next trip, Rosie!

  2. Delighted by the news – congrats! I think your editor’s right about smoothing out the transitions. It works better for me as a reader. Not so sure about the cover for the ‘Illusionists’ – it looks a bit ‘light’ for the story…?

  3. I tend to agree with Ann Roberts about the proposed cover. With an involved story coming our way – perhaps more of a closeup would work well. What do you think, Rosie? (I am here in Minnesota, USA) Love your stories!!!

  4. Beautiful cover, depicts the era with the clothing the colors and especially the concrete decorative wall in front of them.

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