Dog days of the year

photoThe last walk of 2014, all along the frosty Alde estuary wall from Snape to Orford in Suffolk. Marsh and river views with the monochrome brushstrokes of copses and church towers in the distance, low winter sun shining straight into our faces. I was with old friends, talking as we went, and we easily covered twelve miles. Their engagingly silly labradoodle probably did twice that distance, dashing ahead into the distance and then racing back again with its ears and tongue strung out like bunting.

Today, January 1, is grey and gusty. The fish and chip shop in town is doing good business though, and the visitors perch along the sea wall before removing just enough of their layers of bobble hats and scarves and coat collars to allow them to eat. Rows of beady seagulls watch and wait.

New year. I’m excited about a new book idea, travel plans, my daughter’s imminent wedding. It’s a good time. The edit of DAUGHTER OF THE HOUSE is almost done and I’ve really enjoyed the rather meticulous process of cutting and stitching and picking up dropped threads. The young editor who has done such good work on the text is getting married on the same day as my daughter… I like this auspicious coincidence. The wheels grind slowly in book publishing, and it seems likely that the hardback publication will now be in September, not May.

THE ILLUSIONISTS paperback is still scheduled for April, and there are some new cover designs for me to look at: any thoughts would be really welcome.

ILLUSIONIST approaces CompositeA very happy 2015 to everyone.

8 thoughts on “Dog days of the year

  1. Hi Rosie, so glad you are leaving one year and starting the next one on an upbeat note. 🙂 A bit disappointed with the news that ‘Daughter of the House’ is more likely to be published nearer to the end of the year rather than the spring as was first expected, but hugely pleased that you have a new book in mind! Exciting news indeed! As for the book covers – I personally prefer photos no.1 and no.5, but only because to my mind they look more intriguing and ‘classier’ than the other three. Just my opinion. 🙂

    So much going on in your life and so many good things to look forward to in the coming year! Are you frantically searching for that ‘Mother of the bride’ outfit, or have you already found it? Will it be a traditional wedding or something different? Whichever it is, I hope it all goes off extremely well and is an enjoyable occasion. Travels plans too? Where do you feel like visiting this time? In connection with the new book? Questions, questions! 🙂 Take care of yourself!

    Rosemary K

    • Hello Rosemary, and happy New Year. I like versions 1 and 5 best too – I’ll pass on your comments to those in power. I’m a little disappointed about the delayed pub date too, but these things can’t be helped.
      I have a dress for the wedding, yes. Not at ALL mother-of-the-bride, and rather fitted so I cannot put on one single ounce of extra flesh between now and the big day, or it won’t zip up. Goodbye mince pies, hello steamed fish…..
      all good wishes to you.

    • Thank you for letting me know! This is the version the US and Canada publishers are going for, and I think the UK team are of the opinion that it’s too ‘young’ for our market – almost teen crossover. I’m not sure.

  2. Lovely to read your news – especially about your daughter’s wedding – lots to look forward to!
    Re the paperback images, top left and top right drew my eye as both script and image are very clear in thumbnail. Top left is most suggestive of the subject, I feel, but top right is more romantic.
    Top centre, in my opinion, is too similar to other books currently available, and in the bottom two, author name and title are not clear enough. And those images don’t ‘speak’ to me.
    So for me the two contenders are top left and top right. Hard to choose, but I’m sure you’ll have lots of input, and the best one will emerge.
    Best wishes for the new book, and to you and yours for the coming year – Ann

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