All together now

Teasels on the marsh wall

Teasels on the marsh wall

Remember school nature walks, on hot afternoons when Miss didn’t want to be in the classroom either? Recently I unpacked some long-stored books and amongst them was Polunin’s Wild Flowers of Britain. So I took it with me on an ordinary walk, and identified 25 species without any difficulty. It was like being transported back to the Std II form room, where the wilting flowers brought back in hot 6-year-old fists were placed in labelled jam jars on the windowsill. All together now: herb robert, red and white campion, germander speedwell…..

1 thought on “All together now

  1. Oh, Rosie! You’ve just transported me straight back to the big field behind my primary school, and lessons under the only tree large enough to give adequate shade! 🙂 Making daisy chains and singing: Daisies are our silver; buttercups our gold – and so on! Being told to settle down for story time, and the quiet, somnolent afternoons with unlimited golden sunshine! I wonder where we went to? Where did our innocence go to? 😦

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