Let’s go!

It’s time to set off again. I’m extra keen on the prospect because the writing hasn’t been going well. Maybe I’m stuck because I’m about to go away, or maybe I’m going away because I know the inspiration isn’t there, but either way it’ll be a relief. So this evening I have tied up my belongings in a red spotted hanky, and tomorrow I will hoist it on a stick over my shoulder and head for the horizon. Or Heathrow. With my wheelie case.

Next stop:


2 thoughts on “Let’s go!

  1. Rosie, the Intrepid Explorer does it again! 🙂 I’m sorry to hear that the writing isn’t going well for you. As you say, maybe this trip will sort it out for you and you’ll come back inspired. Either that or you change tack completely! I hope you manage to discover the ‘real’ China while you are there, and not get stuck on the tourist trail, if you know what I mean. I’ve heard lots of conflicting reports but one thing comes over loud and clear from ALL visitors, and that is that the Chinese people are delightful! So, have a wonderful time, Rosie. Looking forward already to your comments on all you see and feel there.

  2. I am sure it is just a temporary slump in the writing….you are so gifted and I know that the next book will be even better than the last, which was totally awesome!!!! I am sure you will be so inspired from your trip to China!!!

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