Bhutan, the trek from start to finish. Click on a picture to enlarge and scroll.

3 thoughts on “Bhutan

  1. Beautiful pics! Can you tell me the name of the lake in the first lake picture,and what area it is close to (titled ‘Snaking Path’? And the Om Tsho, can you tell me the area of that lake as well? Thank you in advance. (I’m working in Bhutan, looking for a sacred lake to emulate in a landscape, and you have some of the clearest pics I’ve seen.) And congrats (wow!) on the snow leopard.

    • The Om Tsho lake is where Pema Lingpa is said to have dived in and discovered hidden Buddhist treasure. It lies below the Tempe La pass and above Maurothang, on the trail where many Lunaps travel up and down with supplies from the valley.
      The other lake (I think, from the date when we passed it) lies on the trail northwards towards Thangsa, between the the Uruthang and Zaga passes, about 2 days walk from the hot springs at Dur.
      Hope this helps.

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