Srinagar, background for The Kashmir Shawl. Click on a picture to enlarge and scroll.

4 thoughts on “Srinagar

  1. I have just finished reading ‘The Kashmir Shawl’ and want to tell you I really loved it, A marvellous and very moving story, but also informative- I have also just come back from Kerala and wanted both to read about other places in Indiaand to find out for example if it is wise/unwise to got to Kashmir at the present- and also to read a book by you. This was my first of your books but I want to read the others now. I’m moved, entertained, impressed, delighted. And I love these photos, in fact all your photos. With best wishes Mary Zuckerman

    • Mary, thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed the book.
      Don’t hesitate to visit Kashmir – you will be welcomed by everyone, and overwhelmed by how beautiful it is. The FCO removed the advisory against visiting the area recently. You will be quite safe, even if you plan to travel alone. You can fly up from Delhi or travel overland (more exciting, but a bit demanding physically because of rough roads.) I came by truck from Leh in Ladakh and the drive via Kargil is sensational, but quite close to the Line of Control if that is a concern. Let me know about your plans, if you do decide to make the trip.

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