Snow leopard!

I saw a snow leopard! I saw a snow leopard! I saw a snow leopard!

Full story when I get back.

Tiger in the forest.

We’ve been walking uphill for eight days now through the remote rhododendron and bamboo forests, occasionally spotting bear and leopard prints as we walk. As we emerged in rain from the forest, above the tree line, we saw huge paw prints in the mud. We thought they were from a large Himalayan bear, but the ponies were scared and when the pony men came by they said, “tiger!”

We have had so many adventures, but communications are difficult. Even our emergency Satphone has failed us. I can send a message now as we are resting at Lunana, a tiny remote village in the shadow of the high white Himalayas, where there is a mobile phone mast. It is seven days walk from here in any direction to the nearest road head.

Ahead of us lie two more high mountain passes, only then will be on our way downhill again. I have some amazing pictures of the mountains, valleys and people of Bhutan and cannot wait to post them, but this will have to wait until I get back.

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